In Sydney? Stop by our pop-up shop in collaboration with Serpent and the Swan.


As of late, fashion design and interior design have taken a massive effort towards collaboration, and we’re right there for the ride! Getting together with like-minded creatives is always a good idea — especially in our eyes. Not only are we inspired and intrigued by the innovative nature of fashion brand Serpent and the Swan, but we also happen to be their neighbors in the bustling community of Precinct 75 in St Peters. However, for a bit, we’ve branched out together in joined forces to share the love… Stop by 72 Oxford St, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and shop our wonderful range of homewares paired with the edgy aesthetic of sisters Hayley & Lauri Smith. Together, they generate highly acclaimed collections within special placements of handcrafted, animal or anatomy inspired trimmings and/or a unique print. Their subtle yet striking hardware takes on many forms including buttons, brooches, zipper-heads and toggles and has become a hallmark of the label’s unique signature. All hardware and prints created are unique to the label and designed in-house. Minimalism and sophistication in one, definitely one for us to love!




visit Serpent and the Swan, here.


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