Ah, storage solutions!

We all need them, huh? When styled correctly a bookcase becomes equal parts interior design and convenience. Be it the focal point of a room or a charming accent, your bookshelf should say something about you — your likes, hobbies and travels. It’s also a great place to play around with scale, drama, color and texture. The simple placement of loved items, the organization of color combinations and the attention to adorable details is all considered in the arrangement of a bookshelf. Like anything in terms of good design, it’s all about visual balance. Be it your in the mood to rearrange your bookshelf or you’re out to start fresh on a new one, here are a few tips and items we absolutely love that heighten the design possibilities.

There’s lots going on here, but in no sense does it feel cluttered. With a great combo of books and decorative items, the concept really comes together in the variation of sizes and shapes. Placing the books horizontally versus vertically, with the addition of geometrical figures, creates a powerful symmetry that keeps the eyes smiling.

I swear, I dream in white! It’s just so clean and lovely. In this concept, the touches of pale pink, copper and natural timber are topped off with the black/white print and a functional lamp. This look is high fashion with an unpretentious atmosphere.

Vases, statues and framed art or prints will always provide a nice balance to stacks or layers of books and magazines. The repetition of similar tones help unify the display, while pops of organic green create a refreshing poise. Flowers, succulents or pieces of coral help soften the edges by adding a romantic flair.

Leave breathing space! Having a portion of your shelf clear will achieve that clean-lined, minimalist effect, which is especially important if your piece is fixated in a smaller space.

BEYOND THE BOOKS. A few items to help complete your arrangement process.

1. Shorty Round Concrete Pot in Slate/ Copper, available at 2. Marble Obelisk, available at 3. Quote XL Candle, available at 4. The Jonny Skull, available a 5. Shorty Round Concrete pot in Raw/ White, available at 6. Tom Ford Book, available at Dymocks 7. POV Candle Holder, available at The Minimalist. 8. Concrete Cup in Copper Heart, available at

Until Next Week,

Mitch & Crystal

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