Make a deskside appointment with your creative side.


When it comes to being productive and creative with work, albeit even from a computer screen, it’s so important to have a working space that’s clean, energetic and compliments your aesthetic. Sure, some of us like a little mess and papers, and that’s great — it’s all character! But let’s not forget that our desks should reflect certain aspects of our style so that we may better feel at ease when we’re trying to get inspired.

One of the most important factors is, of course, organization. Even if you make a mess over a few days, remember to do a little swift up on a regular occasion to spruce things along and feel at ease. Plus, there are so many stylish and functional organizational items that will make this task so much more delightful (more to come on that, later).


If it’s a workshop or a desk space that occupies most of your working life, either way, decorate! We so often focus on decorating our living rooms, our bedrooms and every other room, but we must not forget about spending some much-needed attention on decorating our desks! Especially since (a slew of us) spend more time at our desks than we do in our beds. Tips: Try experimenting with changeable mood boards, pictures and well-designed accessories, lamps and candles.








Shop deskside accessories options from Design Twins.

DESK-ACCESSORIES-SHOPPING-SHOP-DESIGN-TWINS1. DT HOME Concrete Triple Pot. 2. DT HOME Chalkboard Clock. 3. ART CLUB CONCEPT Lunar Vase. 4. DT HOME Origami Swan. 5. DT HOME Porcelain White Clock. 6. DT HOME Tall Cement Gem. 7. UASHMAMA Metallic Bag Silver. 8. AXEL & ASH / MY BUCKET LIST book.

[inspiration images found via pinterest.]

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