From overhead light bulbs to stand alone lamps, these are the lighting trends we can’t get enough of.


There are so many amazing designers experimenting with lights right now! It’s wonderful. Of course, lighting trends are nothing new, but as of late we’ve been blown away by the creativity of structure and form and how elements of brightness are captivating well-designed rooms in such unique and interesting ways. Lighting holds such an importance, not only in terms of accessorizing (and overall function — so we can see!), but also, so much value lies in creating the proper mood and ambiance of any space. Let’s delve into some greatness!



The husband and wife duo behind Cheeky Reubens, comprised of an engineer and an artist, bring a whole new meaning to the word lightbulb! From concrete to hardwood, geometric designs and sleek, elegant fixtures, this design team have been bringing us some incredible takes on handmade lights for over a year now.



Studio eleven collective specializes in handcrafted, made to order, goodies. Reigning from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, this design trio delivers beautifully fashioned pieces from décor to jewellery (wonderfully delicate rings), working with the likes of silver and rose gold, to name a few — true independent designers with a bright future! We’re obsessed with their eye for copper!




We’ve been following and working with milkcart for sometime now, and oh how it just keeps getting better! Beloved for their tables and furniture, milkcart also pull out all the stops when it comes to lamps. Each piece, inspired by the simple lines of Danish furniture and the light-filled interiors of Australian homes, is designed and handmade in Sydney by Ryan and Marnie McKnight. What a delight!



Ah! What a great name, no? At it’s core, So Watt is a design studio with deep understanding of their craft. Encompassing a background in Industrial Design and international proficiency, So Watt brings about an edge that does indeed push boundaries… The beauty in the ordinary, combined with the everyday in a sleek, sophisticated manner.



And of course… One for the kids! Shapely lights and lamps in a nursery or kids room is always a lightbulb idea. They’re fun and energetic! We especially love the quirkiness brought from Fromage La Rouge. Located close to Byron Bay on the beautiful North Coast of Australia, Fromage la Rue have been making vintage marquee lights since 2009. With a background in digital media, Fromage La Rue was born from a love of typography, industrial-style interiors and vintage Las Vegas lighting. So, they decided to create their own vintage marquee lights because they couldn’t find them anywhere else!

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