When the hues of Pantone and Style combine, color trends light the way.


Every year, there’s much anticipation for the release of Pantone’s colour of the year. Short for Pantone Matching System, the authority on color, provider of color systems and leading technology for accurate communication of colour is so important for aesthetic values that designers and creatives turn to it on a regular basis for digital graphics, fabrics and more. For graphic designers and printers, the specificity of PMS coloring is completely necessary for keeping projects of unique designs with specific detail and tonal arrangements accurate — maintaining the exact same colors across all forms. For interior design, we note Pantone and style in terms of branding (logos) and business ventures (collaborations, etc), but also, for inspiration.


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So, it makes sense that incorporating the esteemed branding onto homewares products is a winning idea — thus bringing the concept of color consistency as a focal point for the home further into play. We’ve been having an amazing time styling these beautiful Pantone Vases (pictured above) throughout our store and our customer’s homes and offices. While the Marsala hue took the reigns for this year, we still have a bit of waiting until the reveal of 2016’s trendiest color. In the mean time, we turn to the likes of Pantone Universe for taking basic essentials — mugs, plates, tins, you name it — and turning them into easily stackable colourful pallets and décor. A true color mood board!


pantone-and-style-dinner-warePantone Universe and Serax tableware




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[images via @Pantone — this is an account you need to follow for ongoing color greatness]

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