Yes. Ellen DeGeneres makes us laugh on a regular basis! We all know, when we plop down on the coach some random afternoons and find her show on air, we can’t help but release a little “yes!” in exclamation. Besides bringing out the shinny, wonderful sides of our favorite celebs, this comedic aficionado just so happens to be a design fanatic — just like us, guys! So naturally, we’re beyond excited about the release of her new book, Home. The hardcover chronicles her love of real estate, while also giving us fans elegant, never-before-seen peeks into her beautiful properties.

We have to admire Ellen not just for her great taste, but also for her ability to take on home projects from the ground up. It’s hard work! Known for her ability to flips houses, Ellen continues to inspire us with her ambition and vision. She’s bought and renovated 15 homes in the past 25 years! Being able to see the potential of a property is a keen trait, and as design lovers, it’s a genre we will always adore and follow with awe.


Atop of it all, Ellen’s homewares brand and e-commerce site, ED, is a go-to for New England-inspired pieces that make us all wish we owned a villa. We could loose ourselves in her décor collections for days!

Can’t wait to get our hands on this book!







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