OK! Some of us are born with inclination towards interior design. If you’re like me, you’ve been sketching out rooms since you were younger. Even when I was a teenager, I would jump on the opportunity to help a friend rearrange their room — poster positioning included! While my sketching has evolved from notebook paper to digital graphics, the love and excitement has remained the same.

Be it professionally or of interest, there are some of us who simply embrace ourselves into the homewares/design culture, constantly scouring the Internet and our favorite boutiques for fresh ideas. And yes! We’re well aware of the fact that we are 100% obsessed. Are you? If the items on this list are oh so familiar, then yes — you’re fanatical, also!

obsessed with interior design[image via decouvrir design]

Once you finish a room, you’re mind wanders to the next one…And the next one… This is constant for me! By the time I get around my home, I’m right back to the first room. Sure, there’s a time for gutting and total makeovers, but for the most part, it’s just subtle readjustments I can’t get enough of. Throw pillows, rugs and wall accessories — these items constantly fall victim to my obsession. Every time someone visits, the words, “wow, when did you get this?” are uttered.

fashion book white candle

You’re Instagram account could rival that of a trendy magazine. For instance, when I buy a new candle, place it on a side table over a beautiful Dior book, I can’t NOT share that with the world. If you’re an interior addict, taking images of your chic arrangements is a given. #STYLING

design-twins-black-cross-pots-stylingDesign Twins Black Cross Pot

You can hold knowledgeable landscaping conversations. This is a down-and-dirty hobby! Plant, soil and sunlight skills are a must to keep greens alive and well in your space.

Large selections of your lazy clothes are covered in paint. Thanks to YouTube videos and online inspirations, the DIY projects are here to stay.

Your favorite stores call you when they receive new product they think you’ll love. (When the boutique rings your cell, it’s a true sign you’ve taken things to that level.)

7-signs-your-obsessed-with-interior-design-white-plants-shelf[image via varpunen]

Details. Details. While others bypass a knob, your eyes notice every hardware, tassel and nick-knack offered.

You’re a second-hand-store lifesaver. There’s not a half broken chair you can’t bring to life, when necessary.

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