I don’t know if it’s the spirit of summer or that the currents of trends are once again turning, but right now, Hamptons-inspired interior design is making waves in Sydney. In truth, this classic beach look never goes out of fashion, although it seems to have taken a backseat, as of late, to the likes of Scandinavian chic. What separates a particular Hamptons Coastal appeal is a mixture of luxury, comfort and beauty… It’s grandiose sophistication with cozy edges and timeless accents. While other trendy stylistic approaches rely on layers of minimalism, Hampton’s décor is more extraordinary with a focus on balance. We all might not have the Long Island escape houses of our dreams, but we can certainty utilize such aesthetics. So, we’ve scoured around for some inspirational ideas, and below, visit our store to shop fittingly classic pieces.


KEEP THINGS LIGHT. Bright, crisp walls. Big windows. For the overall look, focus on neutral shades. The essence of your space wants to be natural, as to keep the vibes breezy: think rustic wood floors with beadboard walls and texturized light linens. (image via)


AVOID THEMES. When people think Hamptons, it can be easy to draw your attention to “Nautical,” blue-and-white pieces, which is a bit cheesy (sorry, but true). Yes, blue hues are a beautiful fit, but keep things interesting. Try more abstract accessories, such as mixes of blue tonal artwork, glass work or rope ottomans. (image via)


CONTRASTING. Bring contemporary and antique together! Pair rustic elements with soft throws, over-sized cushions and large, colorful center pieces. In a beach house, tying in different wooden effects can also create a unifying atmosphere. (image via)


OVERSIZE IT. From large light-fixtures to grand bookcases to walls of windows, a Hampton’s decor is cozying yet beautiful. Grand pieces help offset the simplicity of overly bright spaces. (image via)


OUTDOORS IN. Don’t be shy when it comes to incorporating plants and flowers throughout the space. Try experimenting with unique vases and planters to add geometric touches throughout. (image via)

Shop Design Twins!

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 6.53.05 PMNEW! This Rattan Day Bed is a suiting beach-worthy piece that can transcend through a variety of color schemes and statements.


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