It’s that time of year, thus we’re answering all your gifting needs, with Twig Skin and Body topping our beauty list.

Some might say that gifting bath and body products is a dead brain idea. Well, let’s be honest, if you’re buying something for your significant other, it’s about a step up from a vacuum cleaner. However, when you’re gifting your workplace Secret Santas or visiting a distant cousin for the first time since Clueless was in theaters, bath and body products are the way to go!

Enter: Twig Skin and Body.


In the sweep of the organic fad that will never end (for good reason), what separates Twig Skin+Body is the quality and natural, pleasant fragrance that doesn’t overwhelm, but radiates gently and beautifully. The brainchild of friends Bec + Holly, the breezy beachside-infused line was created as the girls felt frustrated with the toxic pesticides, fertilizers and various other chemicals (ew!) that come in typical skincare. With combined backgrounds in Environmental Science, Nursing and Dermal Therapy, the duo came prepared with foresight and knowledge on approaching their product with a unique outlook on formation and sustainability. Today, Twig is manufactured in Australia and is proudly recognized by Australian and International organizations as being Organic and Cruelty Free.

Now that you know, it’s safe to assume you agree this is a brand wroth spreading — both on the skin and through pretty packaged presents.

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