The latest collection of Design Twins Lightweight Pots has arrived!

We’ve been busy in our workshop to bring you this latest series of our signature Design Twins lightweight pots. In creating these new designs, we played into our love of unique geometric variations and the effects of lines across an entire surface. The new Pinstripe Pot is classic! Both feminine and masculine in aesthetic, it’s a great piece for mixing patterns and adding depth to any space. Above and beyond the boldness of assertive colorways such as black-on-white, we also gave some attention to delicate blush tones that remind us of desert getaways. Together or apart, these designer pots — especially when filled with beautiful greenery — bring character and style to indoor and outdoor arrangements.

Available in small, medium and large sizes (34×35, 41×43, 62×65), each artisan Fibre Clay pot is hand-painted with love and care — thus, no two pots are ever the same! They’re also available in a trio, and since they fit perfectly inside one another like a Matryoshka Doll, shoppers save on shipping when buying a set. Plus, if you go by the Design Twins Store in Sydney, you can customize your own colors and adjust the template to your creative desires. Ah… The endless possibilities, or should we say, pot-abilities.



The Pinstripe Pot




The Cleo Pot


The Bermuda Pot



The Aztec Pot

We hope you love them as much as we do! Please do share how your Design Twins Pots make your rooms complete!

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