The New Kitchen Lighting Trend Means Goodbye Cabinets and Hello Beautiful, Creative Bulbs.

Interior designers everywhere are tearing down cabinets in favor of a new kitchen lighting trend that breaths luminosity and freshness. It seems strange… Why would we be taking out cabinet space when the design conversation is usually about how and where our storage is going to fit? As is the way with most contemporary alterations, we start shifting how we think about the utilization of space. It’s not about eliminating necessities in favor of trend, but about taking your hammer to current ideas and refreshing the areas of your daily lives — which, as we all know, is vastly beneficial on numerous levels. Renovations are good for the soul, right? *wink

This concept of downsizing, or all together eliminating, overhead cabinets provides new air (pun indented) to showcase some pretty stunning styling solutions that often include interesting, dangling light fixtures or crisp nods of greenery. In these brilliant layout inspirations, kitchen’s amp up their lighting while incorporating innovate personality atop simplistically beautiful cooking havens. [featured image via]

new-kitchen-lighting-trend-pendant-cage-lights[image via]

no-cabinet-kitchen-lighting-trend-pendants[image via]

cabinet-free-kitchen-lighting-trend[image via]

pendant-lighting-new-kitchen-trend[image via]

pendant-lighting-fixtures-new-kitchen-trend[image via]


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