DUST is a “multi-sensory concept label” that awes the world of retail interior design.

When it comes to retail spaces, interior design plays a crucial role in the conversation between a customer and a brand. A storefront must encompass both merchandising and the shopping experience both, while also considering the competition and the whim of the public (which isn’t easy!). Done correctly, the retail environment can truly inspire and awe — it’s an industry that clearly has an appetite for innovation. A prime example of this is Melbourne’s DUST by Sibling, the recipient of 2015’s Australian Interior Design Awards.

DUST is a multi-sensory concept label and store. Inspired by the brand’s sigil of the Golden Ratio, SIBLING repeats its pattern as the primary structuring device: accentuated and disrupted by mirrored reflections, luminescent surfaces, spatialised sound, animated LED screens and the dematerialising effect of black-on-black textures. The interior architecture is augmented further by the brand experience with a series of installation spaces ready activated by an ever-evolving range of works, and the brand’s offering across apparel, fragrance and sound.”


Experimental in nature, this contemporary space focuses on the sparks between concept, function and uniqueness. Working within the parallels of tight asthenic fixtures and ideas, the design of this store induces the sensory with originality and ease. What are they selling? DUST offers shoppers an inaugural collection of printed shirts, imported records, fragrances and more.

Some might call it “futuristic,” others might experience a more modish-meets-technology vibe, but overall, one thing that is for certain: when you enter DUST, you’re not just shopping…You’re experiencing something. The point of retail interior design at it’s very core. [images via sibling]





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