It’s not just about how to start home renovations, but about when and why.

To kick off 2016, we decided to renovate the Design Twins store. Yay! We thought, hey, a fresh year needs a fresh coat of paint. OK sure, some roll their eyes at resolutions, but we’re totally the type of people who say things like, “This year is going to be THE BEST.” We know we’re not alone in this! So while we’re singing the Happy New Year tune (for the next couple of months, at least) we find it’s absolutely the perfect time to tear shit down and build anew. You see where I’m going with this? Renovate while the ambition is hot!

Have you been dreaming of gutting your lounge room and building a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf? Didn’t you say five years ago it would have been cool to have a little backyard deck? Why oh why are those gaudy kitchen cabinets still hanging?

Stop procrastinating. Get the hammer. But remember… Excitement and motivation — as important as they are — come first in a long line of considerations. As wonderful as a newly renovated space is, it’s nothing if it causes you to lose plumbing for three weeks, burn your house down or cut off a limb. (Sorry that last one is a bit gruesome, but a point needed to be made!). Here are a few tips on how to start home renovations, or just renovation projects in general:



I cannot stress this enough. Do all of your research! In this phase, it’s important to analyze three things: what are your reasons, your needs and your budget. Be strong and clear on these ideas! Think about your routines and habits, meaning, don’t get focused on trends that look cool but don’t flow with your everyday life. If you’re going DIY, read and watch everything you possibly can on the project before you start buying materials — and before you even think about touching a tool! If you’re hiring a contractor, make sure they have valid reviews and that they understand your vision. There has to be a positive dialog between you and the person tearing up your floors, so make sure you choose someone you can speak with comfortably. (Also, always get an official signed contract.)


The opportunities for quick and cheap will arise…Don’t do it. This is not an area to play it fast and loose. If you’ve done your homework properly, you know the lowest bid isn’t usually the best. Cutting corners is no bueno! Fixing problems could end up costing more than the entire remodel.


So, you just did homework and now you have to plan ahead? What’s the difference? Well… Now that you know what you’re getting yourself into, you also know what you could be getting yourself into. In renovations, unforeseen expenses are as inevitable as red lights when you’re running late. You have to know they’re going happen.



Be it a short or long haul, you must be prepared for chaos and disorganization.

In the end, it’s worth it. Renovations bring out creativity and liven your life. On that note, Happy Renovating! Take a look at our newly designed shop below!




come visit us in Precinct 75 or check shop Design Twins online. 

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