When it comes to coffee table styling, the surface is your blank canvas and the decor is your paint brush.

“Would you like some coffee?”

“Sure! Thanks.”

“Ok here ya’ go!”

*Guest reaches to place coffee atop coffee table…


*Guest freezes in confusion as you nicely hand them a beverage coaster and guide their placement to the area of the table that’s away from your beloved “book-candle-tray” trio. *Sigh. That was a close one.

As most of us know, the coffee table is less a space for actual coffee and more a centerpiece of the room showcasing your best styling talents. Come to think of it, your coffee table Insta’ was one of your top five loved posts of the year. There’s a reason for that! As a flat, central surface, you can really use this space to showcase your personality and favored treasures. From minimalist, concrete looks to upholstered styles to large, vintage-esque wood designs, the coffee table provides a displaying home for your favorite “coffee-table books,” candles, succulents, trays, decorative accents and more. It’s a blank canvas! I love the cheeky idea of books/décor underneath the coffee table or using recycled items (such as pallets on wheels) to fill larger areas. The tablescape of possibilities is infinite, so don’t abide by any unspoken rules — but, I should note that ottomans are indeed ugly dated.

Idea: if everyone used this opportunity to present the latest issues of his or her favorite magazines, it would add a fresh monthly dynamic and also aid in saving the publishing industry. YES! #SAVETHEMAGS.

Anyways, we asked the Internet for some inspiration and found a lot of really cool, creative and interesting looks.










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[if any of these inspirational images belong to you and we have no credit information, please do let us know so we can link you!]

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