Choosing a color scheme is only half the battle! So we’ve generated a little cheat sheet on how to choose the right paint finish.

When it comes to paint, there are four basic finishes including flat, semi-gloss, gloss and eggshell. While the rules are there are no rules, it’s still nice to be pointed in the right direction that leads towards the best result possible. After months of contemplating, you’ve landed on a color you love. Now, you’re swooped with more options…#ItNeverEnds. If you haven’t joined the club already, welcome to home decorating! So, what sheen is best in your bedroom? Or bathroom? Kitchen? Here is the basic run down. Of course, if you can’t find the ideal sheen for your liking, you can always mix two together! On another note, you can also get creative and play with splitting looks or finishes on the same surface — as inspired by this idea above, from decor8.



If paint has zero shine or sheen, they’re deemed flat or matte finishes. Meaning, instead of reflecting light, flat paint diffuses the light — making it a good choice for hiding any imperfections such as bumps or tiny cracks. If your wall is a bit textured, flat paint will go on much smoother and easier. The downfall? It’s harder to keep clean! So maybe, keep away from the kid’s room, hallways or mudrooms. For bedrooms, cool hues of whites, grey and blues look stunning in a flat finish!



Also know as satin finish, eggshell amps up just a tad more luster and warmth than the flat finish, offering a soft, velvety look. With a bit more durability, this paint is easier at resisting stains and can even be wiped down with a damp rag. Having the ability to withstand moisture makes this finish a winning option for kitchens and bathrooms, and also hallways. If there’s a section in your entrance that tends to collect various day-to-day actions, such as where you hang jackets or toss shoes, an eggshell finish will give you that subtle look without all the inevitable scuffs.



The next step up, in terms of toughness, is semi-gloss. Overall this mixture is brighter, reflecting more light, and shows less wear and tear. This is a great choice for the bathroom! Also, it’s very popular for trims, doors or furniture.



This finish is primarily for window or door trim, shutters, railings or furniture. It has a sleek, shiny finish and is basically Très la glam! So, if you’re after full beauty queen, this sheen on the walls makes sense. Otherwise, we love the look (as pictured above via House Beautiful) that sections off areas for high-gloss appeal without overtaking the breath of the space. Keep in mind, the semi-gloss and glossy mixtures tend to showcase any surface errors, so make sure you put in the proper amount of prep work before painting.

if you’re starting home renovations, here’s a checklist to get you going!

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