A soft and subtle approach to capturing that chic industrial look through concrete interiors.

Concrete has gone from an all-around craze to simply a home décor essential. A stunning piece of concrete furniture, or even a statement fixture, can really lay the foundation to a contemporary yet sleek aesthetic (pun intended). With so many designers taking the medium from structural to artistic, there’s becoming quite the market for inventive takes on this timeless material.

Seriously, we can’t get enough of the glamorous industrial look — yes, that’s a thing! For instance, who couldn’t adore this wood versus concrete dining table by SlabsbyDesign (pictured above)? While we don’t all have a trendy industrial loft to call home, we turn to interior design for capturing this popular yet functional aesthetic. And, as we mentioned, thanks to talented creatives there’s now unexpected, usual and all around perfect ways to incorporate concrete into any room.

We’ve asked the internet for some inspiration and here’s what we’ve come up with it! Some of these you can shop via, others are simply to get your creative building techniques churning. Enjoy!


Concrete Side Table / Coffee Table is a great focal point for tying a lounge room together. The texture looks amazing when mix-matched around various combinations of color and patterns. Sometimes, it’s simply the perfect hint of contemporary!



If you’re after a vibrant industrial effect, this lighting inspiration is simply jaw-dropping. It combines the flair of a mod silhouette with the roughness of concrete. Perfection. These lights were designed by LucidiPevere.


There’s something so futuristic-meets-’70s about this bathroom… The concrete tub and the gray and wood tones fuse together so beautifully we’re inspiration to make up the phrase “calming cool” in its favor.



A smooth and delicate display of hardness and raw textures, the Concrete Puddle Side Table/Stool is the ideal addition if you love toying with materials you wouldn’t otherwise commit to.


This shabby chic slash hip decor scheme brings a large concrete coffee table front and center, and the overall effect is a lovely balance of the feminine and masculine.


If a piece of furniture or designer fixture is simply out of the question, these adorable little accents are perfect additions to your desks, bookcases and shelving structures.

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