We’re smitten to take a seat with Onyx & Smoke.

Onyx & Smoke is inspired by many accents, one of which being the sought after calmness in today’s far too busy world. As a mother of five, Emma started brainstorming the concept behind her cushions after failing to find suitable options to fill her lively yet stylish home. Having long admired her father’s work as an upholsterer and antique renovator with over 50 years of experience, the WA-based creative has a long-established relationship with fine details and the specificities of materials. By utilizing the best of luscious fabrics and smart silhouettes, Emma and her dad now comprise the brains behind Onyx & Smoke — continuously bringing us lasting, handmade designs to make our most beloved areas relaxing, comfortable and pleasing on the eyes.

“The inspiration for each fabric or color choice comes from a different place, time or experience in our lives.”

From statement floor cushions with deep hues and velvety textures to simple, well-tailored decor styles and a select range of homewares, Onyx & Smoke isn’t afraid to experiment and straddle the line between classic and contemporary. With an array of prints, shapes and colourways, we love this line for its versatility and everyday appeal.





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