Barnaby land

Either an introvert or extrovert, the personal style of your home should reflect your characteristic abilities to relax and recoup.

I’ve always assumed that being an “introvert” or “extrovert” meant you were shy or outgoing. The apex predator vs. the intelligent silent assassin. Center stage vs. screenwriter. Et cetera. I was wrong. I was also under the impression individuals were deemed “introvert” or “extrovert.” I was wrong about that, too. In truth, introversion and extroversion has nothing to do with being the life of the party or the bookworm, but actually relates to where/how you source your energy. Also, no one is 100% either way — everyone has characteristics of both sides, but as personalities go, we either fall mostly in the middle or slightly to one arch.

When it comes to decorating our homes, however, it is seemingly pleasant to allow yourself to identify with one or the other — even if you feel that, personally, you bounce between the two (as most do). They key idea here is “how you source your energy.” As your living space denotes the central point of your lifestyle, the look and feel of your home is essential for reclaiming your narrative… In a sense, a base for “refueling.” Below, we’ve provided a few tips to point you in the right direction for proper and necessary clarity. (Plus, we’ve found some amazing inspirational interiors to nourish your creativity — we absolutely adore the above Barnaby Lane Smith Chair styled to simplistic yet calming colourful perfection.)



If you’re the type of person that feels invigorated and refreshed after a lively dinner party with close friends, extroverted is most likely your favored style. It’s not that you hate alone time, it’s that you find a comfort in sharing a personal space with those closest to you and feel out-loud discourse best suits your ability to think clearly and gain perspective. Thus, you should incorporate means of making this possible into your overall scheme. Consider large, comfortable seating areas that are easy to sit around with the likes of a spacious coffee table and floor cushions. Make your space a treasure chest of your fondest memories by incorporating bookshelves, artwork and a dinning area that oozes uniqueness — all things that make for conversation are a yes! While you want your space to be open for others to drop in and feel at home, you also want it to be you. Embracing such an attitude will only better your ability to dance through life and colour outside the lines!





If you find you’re reenergized best when you quiet the bustling world around you, make your home a sanctuary. Think of your space as a little retreat, a tranquil and inspiring haven that allows you to shut off your brain whenever you need. If you don’t live alone, design a specific space that’s just for you — such as a reading corner or art station. Actually, even if you do reside solo, it’s a great idea to designate an area that separates itself from your day-to-day routine. Not to get into the feng shui basics (that’s another article, yet to come), but introverts would be well suited to learn a thing or two about the Chinese philosophical system. Number one? Clear your clutter. To rid yourself of everything you don’t absolutely love is an ongoing process that requires positive, therapy-esque energy…A true method of “lightening the load” both tangibly and mentally.




Ah! There’s nothing like a minimalist closet for some pampering you-time! Shop decor for both introverts and extroverts — entertainers or ponderers — on

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