With PLYROOM, your furniture and accessories bring creativity and function to the forefront of your home.

PLYROOM is a playground of fun — for adults and children alike! If there’s one thing we admire, it’s classic craftsmanship with a contemporary flair. Created on the concept that riding your living areas of clutter provides time for the important things in life, PLYROOM comprises talented makers and doers from around the globe to bring their unique vision to fruition. Such an international compass allows the brand to flourish in terms of function, simplicity and timelessness. If the idea of organization and freshness makes you happy, then this brand is definitely a win for you. Originality and design really is fun, after all! We admire PLYROOM for its usability that allows for easy assembly that comes from the perspective of a designer, instead of say, mass production. For the eco friendly, these pieces are all sourced from sustainably managed and harvested forests, as well as unique joinery systems that allow most products to be shipped flat-packed — which means less transport emissions and positive environmental progress. They really did think of it all!

“We believe in choosing to surround yourself only with the things that you love.” — Elise Heslop, founder of Plyroom, mum of two, expert furniture assembler & former collector of lovely but unnecessary ‘stuff.’

To highlight, the products inspire creativity in that sense that they’re flexible in form. For instance, a stunning dining table has the ability to transform into a stylish children’s desk that may then transform into a great hallway piece. So perfectly playful!







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