Step aside Leo, we have our own awards this Oscar season for Best Homes in Films.

Just kidding Leo, you can come live in all of these houses with us! Even in Australia, the Oscar buzz is heard! Who doesn’t love a classic award’s show that sparks a conversation over the art of film? Of course, we have to be honest, one thing we adore about the movies is location…location…location. As purveyors of design, we often find our attention on the setting — sometimes even over the storyline. What can we say! So, in celebration of this week’s red carpet event, heard around the world, we’ve rounded up some of our all time historic homes featured on the big screen. If only there was an Oscar for best home! Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know!


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo  Located on Varmdo Island outlying Stockholdm, the rustic landscape tops off this house of floor-to-ceiling glass and edge-to-edge beauty. The ideal setting for a suspenseful narrative.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off While this movie is adorable funny, the dramatic architectural setting of this wood-laden haven is anything but! The modern home, set in Highland, Illinois, was designed in 1953 yet makes us swoon as if it was built yesterday.


Twilight’s The Cullen Residence If we lived in this house, we wouldn’t mind being vampires either. Who would need to go outside during the day? This residence is known as the “Hoke House,” owned by Nike executive John Hoke, was designed by architect Arthur Erickson.


LA Confidential’s The Lovell House Some consider this design one of the most important structure’s in modern architectural history — it was the first steel frame home created in the United States and served as an early example of gunite (sprayed-on concrete). Designed by Richard Neutra, this amazing place is — naturally — located in Sunny California.


The Big Lebowski This house also appears in Charlie’s Angles, and was build between 1961-1963 by John Lautner. It has 750 skylights! So chic and so “mod,” we love the way this home assumes the natural life of its surrounding environment. Such a classic!

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