Fluffy is out and Nordic is in. Meet the New Romantics trend!

The new romance trend is less fluff and crystals, and more Feminine-Nordic charming. As with any décor, your best friend is light — the more natural, the better. It’s hard when you think “romantic interiors” not to conjure thoughts on bright pinks and lace, but the modern approach encompasses pale rose pinks or soft red accents that provide a warm atmosphere. We found some inspirational images that showcase this popular look that’s decidingly girly, but with a sleek edge. Notice how these schemes keep crisp trims, muted tones and minimalist accessories with the perfect amount of statement pieces — and of course, botanical influences are always a win! From sophisticated geometrics to glass to concrete and metallic highlights, including copper and rose gold, modern materials create an artistic look that’s both sharp and dainty!


Elba marble tiles and slabs by Artedomus – Selector


Antique with Modern - Carolyn Quatermaine






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