The beautiful Finolhu Villas’ were designed with the highest ecological standards.

Cyan-blue waters. Unrivaled whiter-than-white beaches. Spectacular sunsets. Let’s face it, the Maldives are the tropical getaway. The stunning landscapes, comprised of hundreds of tiny islands off the coast of India and Sri Lanka, are renowned for their geographical beauty — but as some of the lowest islands on the planet, between four to seven feet above sea level, the destination is under awareness of future issues due to climate control. In the efforts of prevention, architect Yuji Yamazaki designed the Finolhu Villas, a 13-acre island resort created with innovative energy-saving motives. Built to compliment and blend with its surrounding natural environment, 90% of the destination’s energy is sourced from solar power. The first of its kind! Each private villa is stylishly devised to use as little energy as possible with windows that are strategically placed and decorated to welcome ocean breezes whilst avoiding the sun’s hot rays (no AC blasting necessary!). Noting on the release, Yamazaki said that “it is impossible to recreate nature, but we tried our best.”

With stunning rooms, luxurious amenities and priceless views, the Finolhu Villas is an eco-chic paradise. “When you have a beautiful and unique site like this, you want to just preserve it. Hopefully our new landscape will seamlessly blend with what was there before,” notes Yamazaki. Our daydreams thank you!







Maldive-Finolhu Villas-eco

Maldive-Finolhu Villas-eco-design


more amazing design, here!


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