indoor plant styling

Put your Plants in their Proper Place! (Now say that three times really fast…)

With the weather cooling down outside, it’s more important than ever to bring some fresh green life into your home. In essence, there’s no wrong way to incorporate plants into your daily décor, but still, sometimes you need a little inspiration to make sure your ideas are as bright as they possibly can be. Here are some of the best ways to incorporate botanical serenity into your home!


The right indoor plants are beautiful and super easy to take care of, so don’t hold back! This is one instance where more is better — however, don’t go jungle-crazy. Find a good selection of textures and types, and then mix and match all over. There are so many fantastic options to choose from!


Windowsills were invented for plants! OK, we’re not 100% sure that’s true, but in our minds there’s nothing quite as soothing as gazing through a window with sill-lined greenery. Most importantly, it’s the perfect haven for those plants that need more sun than others. (Love this idea if you’re living the city life!)


Pay attention to interesting floor and furniture combos. For instance, a rattan chair that evokes a nature-like aesthetic looks amazing with a few floor plants surrounding its placement. Side tables, television stands and chic feature chairs are also perfection when styled with luscious plants and pretty pots.


Of course, our favourite part about indoor plants is THE POTS! From contemporary, modern designs to Scandi-inspired painted pots to traditional rustic terracotta or edgy concrete silhouettes, the potsabilites are endless. Tip: combine an array of sizes, styles and colours for that truly sophisticated “designer” vibe.


Plant stands are all the rage! We adore these unique stands by Ivy Muse that allow for some truly inspired scopes. With a sleek appearance that accents any modern interior scheme, you can incorporate Ivy Muse stands individually, by stacking or you can form your own composition via a unique combination of styles.


Hang in there! Hanging your plants from the ceiling is great when you don’t have extra floor space or you wish to create a sense of breathing room by heightening the feel of the roof. Stylistically, big room or tiny, hanging botanical lushness provides a stunning, casual-drapery appeal that’s inviting yet impeccably dramatic.

pot your plants on!

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