Our team is bursting with talent, enthusiasm and craftsmanship. These are their stories!

Meet Lucy! At 20 years old, Lucy is studying for a Bachelors of Design/Media from UNSW. When she’s not busy with schoolwork, she’s an avid reader (her mother’s a librarian) and is super keen on sewing! A true innovator, Lucy is inspired by film, her favourite being Singing in the Rain. She has an adorable ginger cat, called Diego, who she constantly gushes over. “I really love being able to make things myself or learn new skills,” notes the creative-at-heart. “More than anything, I love being social and meeting new people!”


Name: Lucy Karsai

Describe yourself in three words: Creative, bubbly and blonde.

Why are you interested in the design world? It has so much to offer! The design world constantly challenges me to think outside the box. It allows us to be creative within ever situation… Design can turn the mundane into something extraordinary.

What is one knack of wisdom you’ve learned during your Design Twins journey that you’d pass on to others looking to get involved in the space? So much of the design world is focused on supporting other businesses within the industry. Crystal and Mitch have worked hard to network and have their work recognized by others. I’ve learned that it’s really worthwhile to socialize with other creative people, and thus broaden your horizons (also, if you want to win Mitch’s affection, buy him a cookie from next door).

What are your future goals? To finish uni with honours (eventually) and then hopefully work with an online magazine or journal — but until then, I just want to gain as much experience as possible, and produce work that I’m proud of.

What’s your life motto? Creativity is not a competition.


Follow Lucy @lucykarsai and visit her blog.

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