Our Designer Pots. Painted by hands ✋🏼

WELCOME!!! If your new to what we do, we want to give you a big fat hug and say thankyou for the support!!! 

We started our collection of hand painted pots about two and half years ago, when we  our little handmade concrete pots were too small to experiment with designs. We also saw a need for designer pots to suit modern homes so it was time to create our collection and experiment!


These things take time when your doing something brand new, so we tried different pots, different paints, different effects and all types of crazy designs! A few months later and we were close to our collection. 

So we released our pots in January 2015 and WHOAAAA – couldn’t believe the response they received! We actually ran out of space in our garage out the back of our house in Sydney! So it was time to move into another space and then realized it would be the dream to have our workshop on display in a Sydney showroom! 

You can now see them all being created before your eyes, it’s so fun to watch that I even forget to get back to work! 

Our pots are a labour of LOVE. All painted by artist in Sydney and Los Angeles, they take about 2 hours from start to finish using the highest quality materials and you can even custom colour a pot to personalize your space! 

We also work with Interior Designers and architects on commercial projects such as Optus, Google and Uber, fitting out their head offices with our pots to suit their branding and they are so much FUN! 

We have been asked so many times to have a pot painting workshop, I wonder if anyone would be interested? Would be cool to get those creative juices flowing wouldn’t it?! 😆

So we just want to THANKYOU for joining the journey and the hardest part will be choosing a favourite! Let’s make it easier to get start with a discount – yep just for you!!! 

Head to www.designtwins.com and enter VIP10 At the checkout which will give you 10% off your first order 🙂 

If you want to check out the best indoor plants CLICK HERE 

Much love

Crystal xx

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